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Pest Control & Pigeon Deterrents

Calix Enterprises Ltd also offers a variety of pest control services for domestic, commercial or industrial property to prevent, control or cull nuisance andeven dangerous pests.

Whether you require a reactive or proactive pest control solution once they’re gone we can offer the comprehensive solution you need to ensure they don’t return.

We can take immediate action against troublesome birds, rodents and insect infestation or we can offer advice and help create a prevention plan that is cost effective and efficient.

Rubbish Collection/Removals

Calix Enterprises Ltd can remove rubbish from your property whether it's bulk rubbish, fly tipped rubbish or single items you wish to be removed. Our services include disposing of electrical items, fridges, freezers, heavy waste, secure computer disposal and removal of tyres. We ensure that we remove and dispose of your rubbish in the correct legal manner and we carry out the service in complete accordance with environmental legislation.

Fly tipping is one challenge across societies with vacant properties and grounds often targeted. Calix Enterprises Ltd will offer a solution and removal of your fly tipped rubbish. Below pictures shows examples of heaps of trash we do remove.

Garbage Disposal

At Calix Enterprises Ltd cleaning is our passion and we would like to keep the environment clean with green technology. Our work is based on three ‘’REs’’
Re-use if it’s in good condition, reduce however possible and recycle the non-biodegradable. We also have a wide network of contacts across Kenya whohelp in efficiently recycling; wherever possible, our waste by recycling clothes and metal etc.

3 RE's

We have a store at our base unit where any furniture and other items that have been removed from properties and are still in good condition can be given to charitable causes that need help in furnishing. We always look for ways to recycle the rubbish we collect whether in our own store or across our network.

Ground Care

Untidy grounds and gardens can present a negative image to potential customers or even neighbours that can impact on your business or home environment. Calix Enterprises Ltd offer garden services on a one off basis or we can provide ongoing maintenance.

Ground Care

From residential gardens to parks, our extensive team offer solutions to meet our customers many needs. Our services include cutting down and removing trees, dismantling sheds, removing bulk rubbish, overgrowth clearance and regular garden maintenance.

Ground Care

Whatever the problem you find with your un-kept grounds we have the expertise and equipment needed to get the job done.

Environmental Cleans

These include extremely dirty rubbish filled properties, which may have human and animal excrement that need removing. Our fully trained staff are trained to deal with these situations in a professional manner.

Environmental Cleaning

Extractor and Canopy Cleaning

In this category services offered includes extractor cleaning, canopy cleaning, Grill cleaning, top oven clean and vent cleaning. Ventilation systems must be checked and cleaned on a regular basis to ensure that people/staff are breathing in good quality air. If not, their health may be at risk, and they may have a right to compensation if their illness is caused by indoor air pollution.

Before Cleaning
Extractor Cleaning - 'BEFORE'
After Cleaning
Extractor Cleaning - 'AFTER'

The need for specialist cleaning of extractor systems will depend on the level of usage of the cooking equipment, types and quantity of cooking and other risk factors such as vulnerability of the system to ignition and of the building and its occupant/users to system fire, hygiene, vermin and mechanical hazards. Typical cleaning intervals are shown in the table below:

Time schedule

Frequency of Cleaning as Stipulated by HVCA TR/19 7.35

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