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Rubbish Collection/Removals

Calix Enterprises Ltd can remove rubbish from your property whether it's bulk rubbish, fly tipped rubbish or single items you wish to be removed. Our services include disposing of electrical items, fridges, freezers, heavy waste, secure computer disposal and removal of tyres. We ensure that we remove and dispose of your rubbish in the correct legal manner and we carry out the service in complete accordance with environmental legislation.

Fly tipping is one challenge across societies with vacant properties and grounds often targeted. Calix Enterprises Ltd will offer a solution and removal of your fly tipped rubbish. Below pictures shows examples of heaps of trash we do remove.

Garbage Disposal

At Calix Enterprises Ltd cleaning is our passion and we would like to keep the environment clean with green technology. Our work is based on three ‘’REs’’
Re-use if it’s in good condition, reduce however possible and recycle the non-biodegradable. We also have a wide network of contacts across Kenya whohelp in efficiently recycling; wherever possible, our waste by recycling clothes and metal etc.

3 RE's

We have a store at our base unit where any furniture and other items that have been removed from properties and are still in good condition can be given to charitable causes that need help in furnishing. We always look for ways to recycle the rubbish we collect whether in our own store or across our network.

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