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Void Property Cleaning

A clearance job entails us going into a void property and stripping out all the furniture, clothing, flooring and white goods. We empty the garden, lift flags, cut and clear away grass, dismantle sheds and deep clean the property ready for the new tenant.

Void Cleaning

What we face when we open up a void property can be anything from a well looked after home to a crime scene or recent death. It is not uncommon to enter a void with human and animal excrement on the floor crawling with maggots or living rooms full of empty beer and spirit bottles.

We also have to remove white goods and gas appliances which have been left in the property.

Void Cleaning

When we go into occupied homes it is usually to clean and make the home safe for a trades person to come in and carry out annual gas and electric safety checks or to make repairs. This can involve extremely dirty or rubbish filled homes, as well as entering drug dens where the tenants have been using drugs. In these situations we clean up the needles and associated dangerous items that are littered around the property. Void property cleaning includes vacant property cleaning, extreme cleaning, pest control, fumigation and fire damage.

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